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Intelligent capture
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Invoice Service API
Cloud Document Processing

Quickly get up and running with your own document processing service and run simple-to-complex customer projects with successful cloud implementation. FlexiCapture Cloud enables automatic classification of documents and extraction of data from any document type while learning automatically from users’ feedback. The cloud capture service is easy to access and ready to go. 

Key benefits

benefit reduce cost

No need to buy, configure and maintain any hardware or software

flexicapture cloud hosting platform

FlexiCapture cloud hosting platform resides in Microsoft Azure and is always ready for use

technology update

Constant access to ABBYY latest technology updates

online invoice processing service

Free access to online invoice processing service (up to 200 pages for free)

Key features


Quick start

Start processing your documents in the cloud without first uploading any templates. With the built-in auto-learning feature, you can simply run samples of routine documents through the system, and it will automatically learn how to classify and extract data from similar documents.


Single solution for all document types

By using sophisticated document analysis, the cloud capture service can identify exact document type such as spreadsheets, images or logos and find areas of interest within a document, even when text appears unreadable.



The ability to autolearn from simple projects obviates dealing with complex layouts and allow system integrators and value-added resellers to instead focus more on resource-intensive tasks and sophisticated scenarios.


Advanced monitoring and analytics tools

A set of built-in tools to analyze document processing flow, ensure continuity of business process, optimize and prioritize resources or packages, tune performance and eliminate bottlenecks.



Multi-tenancy cloud feature enables each tenant's data to be isolated and secured when sharing data across multiple workgroups.


Service Level Agreement Support

Cloud-based SLA Monitoring makes it easy to speed up for the required timescales by setting priorities for processing stages and changing the order of documents in a queue.


Advanced classification

With the classification technology, documents can be classified into types such as driver license, bank statement, tax form, contract and invoice, or as variations such as invoices from different vendors.

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