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Intelligent capture
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Invoice Service API beta
Cloud Document Processing

Low-cost and easy-to-implement invoice capture

Want to offer effective cloud accounting or BPM, business analysis or expense management services? Scale up with a ready-to-use cloud invoice processing service! It offers intelligent capture and classification for all types of invoices and streamlines accounts payable and LOB processes in companies. By autolearning from customers’ feedback, this online data capture and invoice processing service makes it easy to automatically achieve high accuracy results even for region-specific invoices, while cutting labor and operating costs.

See the example how ABBYY FlexiCapture Cloud Invoice Service smoothly integrates with Acumatica Cloud ERP System, reducing the time and cost of proceeding and improving data accuracy.

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Key benefits

cloud invoice processing

Processing invoices in the cloud is much faster and allows clients to take advantage of early-payment discounts

cloud invoice service

ABBYY cloud service offers a single entry point for decentralized invoice processing


Increases visibility and improves control of accounts payable processes

reduce costs

Removes the need for in-house hardware purchases and maintenance

quick learning

Quick learning curve and easy to setup

invoice processing

Suitable for processing, which is traditionally cost prohibitive

invoice service api

REST API is easy to implement

technology updates

Constant access to ABBYY latest technology updates

Key features


Flexible сustomization

FlexiCapture Web API and customization scripts enable development of custom solutions, support specific business scenarios and ensure easy integration into enterprise workflows.


Purchase order matching

The Invoice service API now automatically matches and validates invoices against purchase order information in the system.


Multi-channel input

With Multi-channel input, you can process both paper and digital documents from multiple sources in a single flow, be it from MFPs, network scanners, e-mails, FTP, web posts, hot folders or hand-held devices.


Straight-through processing

Built-in invoice matching and invoice validation rules allow compliant invoices to be processed automatically from arrival to posting.



The new auto-learning technology allows the user to train the system to process documents with flexible or irregular layouts.


Full API documentation

ABBYY provides a complete set of documentation needed for integration with the cloud capture service.


Intuitive invoice validation & review tools

The data verification interface has been carefully designed to guide operators through invoices flagged by the system and keep their attention focused only on fields that require review.

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